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The Benevolence Foundation’s primary focus is lending a helping hand to those unable to care for themselves: children, disabled and the elderly. 

Our goal is to assist in crisis and enable people to become self-reliant. 

We answer calls for individual needs and partner with local relief agencies

by providing some funding as they provide services for our clients.


A teacher at TJC West Campus reported that most, if not all, of his students

are working jobs, going to school, and raising families. Many do not have the money for the textbooks required for the class after they pay the tuition for the class. They will save and may be able to buy the books by the second week of class, which means they miss out on one-fourth of textbook information in the

8-week course. He asked if  we could assist him in starting a library in

which  books could be loaned to the students until they can afford to

buy the books themselves. The Foundation has agreed to fund

this effort to start a library for the students to use.

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